Pneumatic Connector
The provided Pneumatic Connectors are designed for pneumatic machines and fittings. These are ideally coated with quality varnish to resist chemicals, water and allied elements for prolonging life span.
Push In Fittings
These Push-in Fittings are ideal, durable and effective mediums for water transmission. They are exceptionally acknowledged for simple installation and easy application features.
Push Fit Coupler
As the name suggests, our Push Fit Coupler range is implied to be inserted into the tube or pipe fittings for proper and accurate installation. It is normally utilized to attach more than two pipes for simple and fast liquid flow.
Check Valves

These Check Valves are proficient in delivering and support the liquid flow that is required in a single direction. They also abstain the backward flow of varied fluids in a mechanical manner.

Compact Quick Connecting Tube Fittings
The provided Compact Quick Connecting Tube Fittings are smaller segments of pipe fittings that are seamless and polished to endure years of applications without much troubles or handling requirements.
Rotary Joint
Our Rotary Joints are intended for air supply in more than two rotating articles from one immobile supply source. These are additionally acknowledged as a rotating or rotatory union among the customers and market.
Speed Controller Elbow
The offered Speed Controller Elbows are specifically utilized with push-in attachments. These are effectively covered with quality sealants for prolonging application features. In addition, these can reinforce low speed and varied control instruments with a lesser flow rate.
Speed Control Silencer
These Speed Control Silencers are designed to significantly reduce the noise level in countless industries. They are suitable to be utilized like a filter to abstain dirt and different unrequired contaminants to come into contact with varied pneumatic valves.
PU Tube
The provided PU Tubes are composed of quality plastic material for smooth and proficient water and liquid medium transmission in different places. These are designed in distinctive diameters, thicknesses, sizes, lengths and dimensions.
Flame Retardant Tube
When the users require flame safe fittings for their buildings and various applications then our Flame Retardant Tubes are the perfect material for such purposes. These are mainly utilized to coat distinctive conductors for safeguarding them from thermal energies or heat.
Air Blow Gun

These Air Blow Guns are designed mainly for compressor machines. They are effectively attached in the hose to control the compacted airflow for cleaning, blowing and allied applications. These are delivered in two different colors such as red and blue.

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